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Bosnian Arminka Helić political Mentor to Angelina Jolie

After winning an Oscar, directing films, acting in a large number of films and proving herself as a genuine activist and fighter for human rights, Angelina Jolie decided to enter politics. US Weekly published that she even found a mentor for that purpose – Bosnian Arminka Helić, a Baroness and member of the upper house (House of Lords) of Great Britain.

“Arminka helps Angelina reach decisions on her political moves. Angie thinks of Arminka as her mentor,” said a source close to the Jolie family.

Arminka and Angelina have known each other since 2012, and cooperation was confirmed in 2014 when the Baroness Helić entered the Parliament.


“She is my mentor for years and she is an incredible woman,” Jolie said then.

Queen Elizabeth declared Jolie an honorary Lady at the time when Jolie was working on a campaign against sexual violence as weapon of the war. Apart from Helić, Jolie has been cooperating with Chloe Dalton for years now. She worked with them on the issues of refugees, health, education, international justice, and violence against women.

“Officially, we have been working together for years and I am looking forward to the continuation of cooperation and joint efforts we will invest in international interests,“ Jolie said.

Arminka Helić was born in Gračanica, BiH, and she came to Great Britain as a refugee in 1992. She is known as the former special advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain William Hague. She entered the Upper House of the Parliament of Great Britain and titled baroness in 2014. Helić is also a member of the Steering Committee of the Victims Fund „Trust“.

The Daily Telegraph included Helić on the list of 100 most influential conservatives in Britain in 2014. She became a member of Conservative Party in 1999.

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