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Four Great Places to have Coffee in Sarajevo

Čajdžinica Džirlo (Teahouse Džirlo)

On the eastern edge of Baščaršija, in rustic teahouse Džirlo with interior lined with wood, you can relax and have a cup of nice, bubbly, slow cooked Bosnian coffee that is served in copper pots with the inevitable sherbet (sweet juice) and rahat-lokum (Bosnian sweet). Besides the traditional Bosnian coffee, you can also drink salep (warm beverage made with milk and cinnamon), as well as a large selection of teas that someone from the tea house will be happy to recommend. The owners are wonderful Husein and Dijana Džirlo who will make sure to explain you all the charms of traditional drinking of coffee and tell you how Carsija breaths with a smile. If you are lucky enough to find your place on the porch, you can enjoy the view of the Sebilj, the surrounding mountains and almost mystical view of the oldest part of Sarajevo.


Miris dunja (The scent of quince)


“Miris dunja” is charming, quiet and comfortable place where you can truly start the day and enjoy some real coffee. Interesting thing is that the name “Miris dunja (Scent of quince)” was created by the eponymous film “The Scent of Quince” by Mirza Idrizović, which was recorded in Čizmedžiluk Street where the cafe is located, in the heart of Baščaršija just near Gazi Husrev-Bey’s Mosque. Thanks to the long tradition and the existence of Baščaršija, “Miris dunja” became a traditional Bosnian café where you can enjoy and feel the true spirit of Sarajevo.


Caffe Sova (Caffe Owl)

“Sova” is located in the heart of Bascarsija, and it represents a true little oasis of peace, placed on two floors and a small terrace full of flowers, hidden between the surrounding buildings. Name of the cafe came from the symbolism of silence, knowledge and books, considering that “Sova” is a cafe place where you can find a good book in which you can enjoy alone or in the company with a great cup of coffee. Artists, tourists, designers, journalists, musicians, and all of those who are seeking for inspiration for their creative work or simply a place where you can relax and rest. Relaxing atmosphere, good coffee and light music will surely allow you to have a rest, no matter how short your break was.


Cafe Čeka (Café Waiting Spot)

Čeka is located in Titova Street, which is the busiest street in Sarajevo. This restaurant opened in February this year, and it represents a true little refreshment that fits perfectly in the Austro-Hungarian atmosphere around it. It is a great place for watching passersby or enjoying your morning cup of coffee. Since it is located in the city center, you will want to have a little rest after shopping with coffee for sure. “Čeka” is known as tram station and popular gathering place for young people of Sarajevo, from which everyone goes to nearby cafes, restaurants or shopping centers. If you want to drink coffee and watch the rhythm of the city, this is the perfect place to do it.

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