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Construction of Tourist Town “Buroj Ozone” to begin June 2

The Mayor of Trnovo Municipality Ibro Berilo suggested to the Presidency of BiH the June 2 as a date for laying the cornerstone for the construction of tourist complex Buroj Ozone.

Berilo said that negotiations with the Presidency of BiH, i.e. the approval by this institution, are expected in the coming period.

“We would like to launch this project before Ramadan, which starts on June 6, so now we are having intense negotiations with the Presidency of BiH, whose decision will be final. I have another meeting about the Buroj Ozone complex today on Bjelašnica and we will intensify the further course of works,” Berilo said.

Berilo also added that he talked with Selmo Cikotić, adviser to the Chairman of the Presidency of BiH Bakir Izetbegović, whose decision is being awaited in the coming period. Cikotić confirmed that Berilo proposed a date for laying of the cornerstone to the Presidency of BiH. According to Cikotić, the date depends on Izetbegović’s obligations.


As announced, Buroj Ozone will be the largest tourist town in the Southeastern Europe. The company Buroj International Group from Dubai started implementing the project worth 4.5 billion BAM within which, as they announced, a new town will be built on the slopes of Bjelašnica.

These premises will be furnished according to the highest world standards. Seventy super luxurious hotels will be built within the tourist town Buroj Ozone, and some of them will even offer an opportunity for purchase of apartments at relatively affordable prices.

At least ten thousand workers of all professions will be hired during the construction of the first integral tourist town of such concept in the Southeastern Europe and after the completion of construction.

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