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National Geographic about BiH: The Wild Beauty that Europe lost long time ago

The respected National Geographic published a story on Via Dinarica in which were listed numerous beauties of BiH.

Reporters of the National Geographic noted that, for example, Lukomir is the highest inhabited point in BiH and that even war did not destroy all the villages. Lukomir is inhabited even today, but it also represents a tourist destination. However, this village, as well as many others in the world, is faced with the emigration of younger citizens to cities.

In the report of National Geographic was stated that BiH has beautiful mountains that are emerging from the fog, which makes certain landscapes mystical.

Milan Lane Gutović - Hit Komedija"Ukrađena Ličnost" - Toronto

It was also emphasized that BiH is one of the few countries in Europe that has a “wild beauty” in it and that this beauty should be saved and nourished.

“Now we have a chance to preserve here what Europe lost a long time ago,” said Tim Clancy for the National Geographic.

The National Park Sutjeska, the largest one in BiH, has possibly the oldest trees in Europe. Professor of Forestry from the Czech Republic Miroslav Svoboda is researching exactly these trees at the moment, as stated by National Geographic.

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