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The Stone Speaker (Kameni govornici)
FOTO: The Stone Speaker (Kameni govornici)

The Stone Speakers (Kameni Govornici) – Film Igora Drljače o Bosanskom Turizmu na TIFFu/VIDEO

Igor Drljaca’s first feature-length documentary, THE STONE SPEAKERS (Kameni Govornici) have its World Premiere at TIFF this year!

The film will be having TWO public screenings accompanied by a director Q&A.


For more information about the film and tickets follow this link: https://www.tiff.net/tiff/the-stone-speakers/



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Igor Drljača
Igor Drljaca was born in Sarajevo. He is a Bosnian-Canadian film director and producer. A graduate of York University, he is a partner with Albert Shin in the Canadian film production firm TimeLapse Pictures.
Many of his films have played at the Festival, including the shorts On a Lonely Drive (09) and The Fuse: Or How I Burned Simon Bolivar (11), and the features include Krivina(12) and The Waiting Room (15), which was nominated for multiple Canadian Screen


THE STONE SPEAKERS (Kameni Govornici)  – Synopsis

Present-day Bosnia-Herzegovina is a country still reeling from the civil war in the early 90s. The Bosnian economy never recovered, and the country remains divided. In order to cope, many towns have transformed themselves into unique tourist destinations that bring together history, religion, politics and folklore. The tourist sites promoted are not only a reflection of people’s attempts to make a livelihood but are also a means to promote and establish competing narratives about the country’s past, present and future. The Stone Speakers explores four towns in Bosnia-Herzegovina through their tourism, slowly unravelling these competing narratives.


Director’s statement:

“I found this ritualistic way of commemorating interesting to explore,” says Drljača. “Regardless of the ideologies at play, or the narratives, any tourist site marks a particular moment in history.” There is a sense of absence as these spaces reveal aspects of history at the expense of others. Tangible relics give voice to the citizens who can longer tell their stories.

“I don’t think a set-up exists for the country to have any sort of future that can be easily characterized,” Drljača says. “This film tries to project the future, but in doing so, it looks at the past.”


The Stone Speakers Trailer


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