Saturday , February 25 2017
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Germany Drains Bosnia of Doctors and Nurses


More than a thousand doctors, nurses and carers are leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina for Germany each year, with frightening implications for the country’s own health service.  Hard-working Selma Dzafic breezed through her studies at the Faculty of Medicine in Tuzla, northern Bosnia. While she won top marks, securing her first …

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The Bogomils of Bosnia: Forgotten gnostics


A Christian gnostic sect in the medieval era, Bogomilism spread throughout Balkan countries like Bosnia. Bogomils were denounced as heretical due their doctrines, however what they endured led them later to adopt Islam, when Ottoman rule arrived the region In the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo, hundreds of people from around …

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Craft Beer Enthusiasts Find Good Business in Bosnia


Despite the small size of the country and a lack of a traditional beer-drinking culture, small craft breweries are flourishing in Bosnia.  Craft breweries are flourishing throughout Bosnia, despite the relatively small size of the  market and the lack of a traditional brewing culture. Especially since 2014, several small breweries …

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