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Welcome to, the primary Bosnian-Canadian Media outlet. The website was launched in 2006 by a group of students in Toronto. It has since  grown to be the primary source of information for the Bosnian Diaspora in Canada. In 2015 we added a Facebook page – it was about time. In 2016, a new website was launched to celebrate the 10th anniversary of

We curate a daily dose of news in Bosnian and English. We try to focus on positive and constructive themes with a healthy dose of frivolous and fun content. Our readers can suggest stories by sending an email to



  • To foster and cherish the cultural values and multicultural heritage of Bosnia & Herzegovina
  • To inform and connect the Bosnian-Herzegovinian community in Canada
  • To promote progressive ideas that have a positive impact on Bosnia & Herzegovina’s brand equity


Join the team | Budi raja has been informing the Bosnian-Canadian audience since 2006. We are proud to extoll the pluralistic values of our community. Help us grow the positive image of Bosnia & Herzegovina – with your personal touch.


We are actively seeking young and eager Bosnian-Canadian intellectuals to join our team.

Interested? Drop us a line or connect via Facebook.


Tražimo kolumniste. Imate li šta interesantno i važno da kažete?

Imate uvijek nešto interesantno da kažete a nemate širok auditorijum? Postanite naš dopisnik. vam pruža prostor za Vaše progresivne stavove u formi nezavisne kolumne. Kotaktirajte nas danas da prodiskutujemo.

The Community: Bosnians & Herzegovinians in Canada

We are eager to feature all content related to Bosnia & Herzegovina – with a Canadian flavour. Got something to share? Drop us a line.

So, how many Bosnians are there in Canada? Hard to say. The community is a highly segmented one. According to the 2007 Statistics Canada census, there are 21,040 individuals of Bosnian-Herzegovinian origin living in Canada. However, there are 65,306 individuals of Yugoslav origin which translates to a much higher figure. You can read more about the Ethnocultural diversity in Canada here.

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The Bosnian Connection

As is a bilingual platform, you’ll find articles in both Bosnian and English. The majority of articles in English can be found in the Bosnian-Canadian Community and Bosnia & Herzegovina in the News sections.

We strive to focus on positive and progressive topics. The current political situation in Bosnia & Herzegovina – sadly – does not fall in this category. Occasional articles on constructive themes from a multicultural perspective may be published. No coverage will be granted to mono-nationalistic parties.

We are a completely independent and self-funded media channel. We are not affiliated with any political parties, religious organizations nor government institutions.

Raja is a ubiquitous term in Bosnia & Herzegovina – and one of many Sarajevo’s slangs – that simply means “the cool people.”

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