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Australian Rich Couple talks about the Beauty of BiH

Chris Gabriel, a successful Australian businessman and owner of the company that is dealing with the sector of telecommunications and successfully operates on five continents, and his wife Dzemila Talic-Gabriel, born in Sarajevo and one of the most successful Bosnian women in the world, who lives and builds a career in Australia for a long time, are visiting our country these days. They married in Australia less than 3 years ago and now, as successful business people, are working to promote a positive image of our country.

They have arrived to BiH a week ago and this is their first visit together. They are coming back to our country already in September, and there are even some ongoing plans for the New Year, which they would like to spend in one of BH cities.

“I have talked so much about BiH to him, but he did not believe half of it. However, when we arrived a week ago, he said I did not tell him enough about the beauty of our country. Chris is wonderful, he recently canceled a meeting in Indonesia to attend the commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide,” said Talic- Gabriel.


“The beauty of BiH is the best kept secret in Europe. Just before departure, at a meeting in Australia, they have asked me why do I even want to go to BiH, wondering why anyone would travel to a country with such a terrible war history. But people in Australia do not know that this is a country of extraordinary beauty, with beautiful coastline and beautiful cities like Sarajevo, Mostar and Neum, they do not know that it even exists. BiH needs to be sold globally as one of the world’s most desirable tourist destinations. The whole region is beautiful, unknown territory,” said Gabriel, adding that he is working as a mentor to a highly intelligent group of young people in Australia, and that he would love to contribute to improvement of the education system in our country.

He believes that there are many young and promising people in BiH, and that, for the sake of our country, it is necessary to prevent their frequent departures.

The successful businessman is so fascinated with BiH that he might ask for BH citizenship soon.

The couple, through mutual acquaintances, met at the premiere of the film “For those who cannot speak” by Jasmila Zbanic, which was produced by Dzemila.

“Chris immediately showed interest and started a conversation with me. Even now, he sometimes says that I was quite arrogant. After the premiere, we went to reception and as we crossed the street, a boy on a skateboard came and Chris, without thinking, immediately threw over in order to protect me. In a speech that he held at the wedding, he said that I did not even thank him,” said Dzemila laughing.

Gabriel reveals that Halid Beslic’s songs won him on the first listening.

“I especially like the song “Srce od meraka”, whose words I have already learned. Halid had sent us a congratulations card for our wedding ceremony, which we held in a private winery in Australia,” said Gabriel.

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