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Hero from BiH jumped in front of the Knife and prevented Tragedy in Germany

Milovan Bogunovic (45), who is originally from BiH, became famous in Germany by chance, and he got on the front pages after he jumped on the attacker with a knife and prevented him from injuring a man, who was already seriously wounded.

Milovan Bogunovic is living in the province of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the town of Rheda for 24 years, and he became a hero by fate that led him that day into the municipal cadastre.

“What is that noise,” wondered Milovan on that fateful day in the cadaster and he ran to the scene of the possible tragedy where he found a man whose head was all covered in blood.

“Just two to three meters away, I saw a young man with a knife,” said Milovan adding that another man, covered in blood and wounded in the chest and stomach was laying on the floor next to the attacker, in one of the offices of cadaster.

“He wanted to attack me as well but I slammed the door in his face,” he said.

Meanwhile, police arrived on the bloody scene, and employees locked the attackers in the office. The seriously wounded man was immediately taken to the hospital and his life was saved thanks to Milovan who slammed the office door to the attacker and took the wounded man out into the hallway.

Milovan is married to a German woman with whom he has three children.

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