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How many Tourists visited BiH in August?

In August this year, tourists made 140.867 visits to BiH, which is 9.6 percent more than in July this year and 13.6 percent more than in August 2015.

Tourists have made 332.954 overnight stays – 15.2 percent more than in July this year and 10.2 percent more than in August 2015.

The share of domestic tourists in the total number of overnight stays is 21.9 percent, while the share of foreigners is 78.1percent. The number of overnight stays by domestic tourists is by 8.7 percent higher than in July 2016 and 6.2 percent higher than in August 2015. The number of foreign tourists who stayed in BiH overnight increased by 17.1 percent in comparison with July 2016 and by 11.4 percent in comparison with August 2015.


The most overnight stays were made by tourists from Italy (8.8 percent), Kuwait (6.4 percent), Croatia (5.7 percent), Serbia (5.5 percent), Poland (5.2 percent) and Slovenia (5.0 percent), which makes 42.8 percent in total. Tourists from other countries made 57.2 percent of overnight stays.

According to the length of stay of foreign tourists in BIH, the leading are tourists from Lithuania with average stay of 12.3 nights, Malta with 7.7 nights, Kuwait with 3.6 nights, France with 3.2 nights and Romania with 3.1 nights.

In August 2016, tourists in BiH had 17.856 rooms, apartments and camping places at disposal, which is 14.1 percent more than in August 2015 and 38.202 beds, which is 13.5 percent more than in the same month in 2015.

Net rate of the use of permanent beds amounted to 30.4 percent. According to the type of accommodation facility, the highest number of overnight stays was made in hotels and similar accommodation (90.4 percent).

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