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SomunSuperstaru iz Toronta pripala The SilverChef Hospitality Awards 2020 Momentum Award

Somun Superstar postoji u Torontu tek nekoliko mjeseci a već je osvojio prestižnu nagradu u industriji ugostiteljstva i restorana – nagradu za očuvanje i održivost okoliša.

Somun Superstar, a specialty bakery and sandwich shop in Toronto’s east end was just chosen as the winner of the The SilverChef Hospitality Awards 2020 Momentum Award at yesterday’s Restaurants Canada Show.

Hospitality Awards recognize the highest standards in Canadian hospitality for innovation, sustainability, and social responsibility and impact. The Momentum Award was given to Somun Superstar for the largest leap forward in terms of sustainability or environmental conservation. Each category winner has secured $5,000 in commercial equipment from SilverChef to help grow their business.


From @silverchefca: “Located in Toronto, Somun Superstar is a small sandwich shop serving up authentic Bosnian somun bread and sandwiches that have received rave reviews from customers and media alike. Owners Alen and Sanja Zukanović are on a journey to #zerowaste, with impressive results. “At the end of the day, the entire restaurant produces one small bag of garbage (about the size of a single-use plastic grocery bag) the rest is either composted or recycled. Last month we diverted 84% of our waste from the landfill, and we are constantly working to improve that. In addition, we donate our unsold product to #FoodRescue at the end of the day.”

These two have thought of everything. That’s why you won’t even find a garbage can in their restaurant, because EVERYTHING is #compostable.”

Cofounder Alen Zukanović says, “In the process of opening Somun Superstar, we had nightmares about having garbage bags of food waste and used packaging at the end of ach day, and having to throw them in the dumpster to be taken to a landfill. Food and packaging waste is an important issue in the hospitality industry, especially in take-out establishments such as ours, and that’s why we need to create more sustainable solutions to minimize our environmental impact. We thank all our employees and business partners who helped us win the Momentum Award—it will inspire us to continue innovating on our journey to zero waste.”

Somun Superstar offers Torontonians the chance to grab a sandwich made on fresh somun or buy it on its own to take home and come up with their unique uses for this versatile bread. With its tightly curated menu, inspired by the Bosnian culinary tradition, Somun Superstar has something for every palate, meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

Sanja Topić Zukanović and Alen Zukanović receiving the Momentum Award from Robert Phelps, President of SilverChef.
Sanja Topić Zukanović with The SilverChef Hospitality Awards 2020 Momentum Award at Somun Superstar
Alen Zukanović shows the amount of garbage Somun Superstar generated daily

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