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Toronto gets its first taste of freshmade Sarajevo-style somun bread at SOMUN SUPERSTAR

Somun Superstar, a new Bosnian/Balkan bakery and sandwich shop, is opening on September 26, 2019 at 998 Kingston Road. With its tightly focused menu of four unique sandwiches, Somun Superstar has something for every palate, meat lovers and vegetarians alike.

Everything is served on authentic somun bread—which you can also buy on its own to take home and come up with your unique uses for this versatile bread. Toronto is a city with a vibrant, diverse international food scene. But one thing that’s been missing—until now—is the warm, chewy comfort of freshly baked somun bread.

For people of the Balkan countries, somun is as iconic as Montreal’s bagel, New York City’s rye, or the Middle East’s pita. Yet somun has remained a niche food, and for Canadians it’s only available online in a sad, frozen form which, we’re sorry to say, sucks. We’re going to change that by offering Torontonians the chance to grab a sandwich made on wood-fired somun using the traditional recipe of our homeland.


Cofounder Sanja Topić Zukanović says, “It’s a pleasure to bring a bit of the old home to our new home.” Sanja, along with her creative, business, and life partner Alen Zukanović, are longtime entrepreneurs. Together, in 2001, they founded Inkubator, a graphic design firm that works for clients all over the world. Now they’re able to fulfill another dream in the opening of Somun Superstar—in the same neighborhood where they’ve lived and raised a family for the past 12 years.


As Alen says, “We are opening Somun Superstar not just because we think Toronto will love our food, but also because we miss freshbaked somun bread ourselves!” And the local foodie community is already taking notice.


Suresh Doss recently tweeted about Somun Superstar: “It is phenomenal, I can’t say enough about how it tears and tastes. Haven’t had anything like it in the GTA. They’ve nailed it.”

Sanja and Alen can’t wait to share their somun with the rest of the city. Visit Somun Superstar starting on September 26 from 11AM until 7PM.

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