Monday , November 23 2020
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Craft Beer Enthusiasts Find Good Business in Bosnia

Despite the small size of the country and a lack of a traditional beer-drinking culture, small craft breweries are flourishing in Bosnia.  Craft breweries are flourishing throughout Bosnia, despite the relatively small size of the  market and the lack of a traditional brewing culture. Especially since 2014, several small breweries …

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Green Light for Saudi Fund Projects in Goražde


Implementation of significant infrastructure projects that will be funded with credits from the Saudi Fund for Development will begin in Goražde soon, it was confirmed during yesterday’s visit of the delegation of this Fund to the Municipality of Goražde. According to the agreement signed between BiH and the Saudi Arabia, …

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Bosnia Failing to Exploit Biomass Potential

If forest-rich Bosnia made full use of the potential from biomass energy, it could meet around 7 per cent of its electricity needs, but the resource is not being exploited, experts say.  Bosnia could exploit clean biomass energy to cover a significant share of its total electric needs, experts say, …

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